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Jay Z And Kanye West Will Kick Off Samsung's Sxsw Concerts

Sxsw-general-22 Other musicians performing this week for Samsung will be Janelle Monae and Gary Clark Jr. on Thursday, Broken Bells on Friday, and Cut Copy and Holy Ghost! on Saturday. Image: Samsung for Mashable Last year, Samsung brought on Prince to headline the SXSW closing party. Meanwhile, Jay Z performed at SXSW in 2012 during an event to promote American Express's Twitter-based discounts program. Have something to add to this story? Game of Thrones Exhibit at SXSW The Iron Throne Mashable's associate entertainment editor Brian Hernandez takes a seat on the Iron Throne. A dragon's head used for filming Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones costumes worn by Kim K the House of Stark on display.
Source: Jay Z and Kanye West Will Kick Off Samsung's SXSW Concerts

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